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A guide to my current media projects….

First stop, the radio show which airs on Sunday afternoon from 1pm  on Tameside Radio: 103.6 FM across the borough, on smart speakers, on the Radioplayer and Tune In apps, our own free-to-download Tameside Radio app, and online at https://www.questmedianetwork.co.uk/on-air/

My presenter profile page:

To browse my regular ‘music blog’  – a track list for the radio show with extra snippets and and nuggets of knowledge,  just follow this linkā€¦

For memories of years gone by and the lighter side of the local news, take a look at the weekly Nostalgia page which I write for the Tameside Reporter. You can save the page to your device for a close-up view to read at your leisure:

19/11/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/690132/34/

12/11/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/971924/34/

05/11/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/345334/34/

29/10/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/963543/32/

22/10/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/554070/28/

15/10/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/869967/26/

08/10/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/135546/32/

01/10/2020 https://online.flippingbook.com/view/169411/34/

24/09/2020  https://online.flippingbook.com/view/1034665/32/

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